Stop the Path Network

Stop The Path Network

Our Network:

Is composed of volunteers who are opposed to the outrageous plan to run a mega-size electrical high voltage line across our beautiful state, cutting a huge swathe through forests, and meadows, desecrating our mountains with the hugest, ugliest transmission towers the world has ever seen.

We know this plan is very wrong for several reasons:

  • The unbelievable crime of Mountain Top Removal will be accelerated. This low cost method of coal extraction destroys everything in its path, it costs jobs, destroys homes and ruins lives. It leaves a blot and poisonous legacy on the landscape, forever.
  • It will add the permanent scar of a giant sized, hundreds of miles long, eroded, transmission corridor through our mountains and fields. An industrial site of thousands of acres that was formerly trees and meadows and watershed and wildlife habitat.
  • We already have energy corridors in the railroads. It's far more efficient to ship the coal to the East Coast on the rails than to push it over the wire. Add in the enviornmental price of PATH and the cost is too much.
  • Permanent good paying jobs could be created in the railroad and mining industries by stopping the PATH and eliminating Mountaintop Removal Mining. The coal is there and it's going to be got sooner or later. More ecologically sound methods of extraction will create more mining jobs and save hundreds of our mountain tops.

What do We Get Out of it?
Less Than Nothing!

Our electric Bills will go up but certain energy companies with access to cheap MTR coal will make a huge profit by controlling it's conversion into electricity. Certain companies with political clout in Charleston want to sell electricity they produce cheap, at market prices to make a killing and guess what? Citizens of West Virginia will pay for the PATH through higher electric bills and we won't even use the electric they carry! Take our money to build a project we won't use to guarantee a profit for corporations. That's welfare for rich people.

We get the mess and the expense, they keep the profit.

Ten state governors have come out against PATH. (PDF .99M) Where's our governor stand? He refuses to say! No kidding! Says he don't have no dog in that hunt. Come on Joe!

Manchin: TRAIL got passed, right?
Sara: Yeah, no one wanted it here, the PSC said that there was no need for it, and then overnight you passed it.
Manchin: I didn’t pass it. They did. [PSC]
Sara: You hired them.
Manchin: This process is going to take a long time. It’s not even in the PSC yet.
Sara: Yes it is. They [Allegheny Power and AEP] applied to the PSC a month ago.
Manchin: Oh…I haven’t been paying attention to that.

But he has been paying attention

Manchin supports MTR mining. "Manchin and other elected officials lashed out last week when the EPA announced plans to revoke a previously issued permit for a West Virginia surface mine. Agency officials cited “very serious concerns” about possible Clean Water Act violation by what would be Appalachia’s largest authorized mountaintop removal operation."

What it's really about:

It's not about wind power

If it were about wind power East Coast states would be investing in off shore wind turbines that are more efficient than the mountain top turbines.

We need the jobs coal provides but if we let it all get gobbled up in a few big bites the jobs will be gone forever, sooner.

Perhaps we can rebuild our mountains using trashed TVs.
Toxic mountains to serve as testimony to our priorities.

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Who we are:

Stop the PATH Network is a group of Tucker County volunteers committed to working with others to halt the PATH of this monster that's breathing down our necks. We run this website to provide links and information about the PATH and MTR. We also show you some easy things you can do to help out.

How you can help

One easy thing you can do is go to this link and tell the PATH what you think.

Another easy thing you can do to help is to write a letter to put in the public file at the West Virginia Public Service Commission. I encourage everyone to do this. It puts you, a citizen, on the record. The more people on the record the easier it will be to stop the PATH. Send it to the address below. Just a nice respectful letter that says why you oppose the PATH. Mention that you want the letter placed in the public file about PATH. Send it to:

Sandra Squire
Case #09-0770-E-CN
WV Public Service Commission
PO Box 812 Charleston, WV 25323
Fax: 304-340-0325

Contact your local represenatives and tell them what you think too. How will they know if you don't tell them? We still have time to defeat the PATH and your input will make it much easier!

Network with your friends. Attend local meetings. Visit the links below. Volunteer some time to your local group. Start a local group. Buy a couple ads in the local newspaper. Ones that say "Stop the PATH".

Donate. Yea, I know, here we come again looking for money but it's really important.WV Citizens Against PATH needs money to do the heavy lifting. Local groups need money to buy ads in local papers, print petitions, send letters, ect.
Five bucks will buy 1 column inch of ad space in the Parsons Advocate. Fifteen to thirty bucks makes a nice ad. Will you help us with an ad? Volunteer some time?
Contact us using the contact box on the left of this page.

Silas and Sean are selling Stop the PATH T-shirts with Sean's design. Sizes to fit the whole family! Proceeds benefit the network.
T-shirt by Sean
Click the image to see the bigger picture.
Shirts are only 15 bucks plus shipping of 5 bucks. Order via the contact form on the left of this page or if you are a local get yours from Megan, Sean or Silas and save the shipping.

The Power Line

The Power Line is a cool site that has up to date info about power line issues. I found this very interesting link there. A nice site with lots of content. More links are listed below!

This letter is designed to stop an ill advised power-line. Please forward to others!
October 22, 2009 There is a long history here in West Virginia of outside interests taking our resources cheaply. Our land, timber, oil, gas, coal, even our workers have at times been sacrificed at the altar of progress. We have been conditioned to accept bad decisions made for us by people we don’t see that affect our lives. We go with the hope that these “deciders” have our best interests in mind. I don’t know what you all think but it seems to me that those entrusted to think for us have not done a very good job. Maybe they need to stop thinking for a little while, sit this one out and be guided by well thought out plans that would make sense scientifically and socially for today and the future. Now we are facing the possibility of an ugly scar across our area in the form of a new power-line, this so called “path”. This is a bad idea. In the future those that thought this proposed power-line was a good idea will thank those who thought it through, realized it was a bad idea and stopped it. The interests that would have us accept this degradation to our lands, our views, our health, and the health of future generations know not what they do. Our backyard is their backyard, it is America’s backyard and is worth more the less it is altered. If West Virginians county by county, town by town made the informed decisions as to what is going to happen in their areas it would ultimately benefit our entire country. Just because things have been done a certain way through the years doesn’t mean that it is the correct way today or in the future. While this debate is ongoing maybe it is a good time to discuss energy policy and how electricity is produced and transmitted in this country. While it is not always the case, a large percentage of our electricity in the nation is produced at power plants a long distance from where it is to be consumed. It is then sent via transmission-lines to the consumer. A great deal of energy is lost in sending electricity long distances. There is no way that is a good thing. When there is a situation where the majority of a regions power is being transmitted via one power-line we have all of our eggs in one basket. Leaving us vulnerable not only in a national security sense through a possible terrorist attack on said power-line, we are vulnerable as well to catastrophic failure due to the actions of the weather or the Earth’s crust itself. We have lived in a very mild and uneventful period of the Earth’s history in this regard. There is no need for haste as we’ve been told by our own governor that there is no immediate need for the electricity that would be transmitted via the proposed path. The need we are told is forecast for the future. There is time to move ahead with a plan that incorporates many ideas that those in power to this point have either forgotten about or have only been paying lip service to thus far, namely, conservation, and alternative energy. Unless and until all options are explored there shouldn’t be a tree cut or a shovel full of dirt moved. There is time for those in Washington including our President to get their energy house in order. Don’t ask us to desecrate and pollute our state until there are solar panels on the White House, a green roof on the Pentagon and plans in place for much more. Because time is on our side we as a nation have time to plan and co-ordinate. We can involve our best minds, not just those in industry who have a vested interest in making money but those who are really concerned about the long - term well being of our country and in formulating a plan for our energy independence. It is time to speak of the non-transmission of electricity and the notion of sending electricity the least amount of distance as possible. Making it where it is used as often as can be. The electric grid is capable of taking in electricity from many sources. A truly smart grid is a diverse one. We in this country are just getting started and energy independence begins house by house. Maybe it is time to revisit the Carter era tax breaks to those willing and able to create as much of their own power as they can. Maybe it is time especially in rural areas like ours for small energy companies or independent co-operatives to get in the game broadening the playing field producing carbon neutral green energy. This would give people jobs with a future and stimulate the economy. An area like ours could be a non -polluting exporter of electricity. When it is time to transmit electricity to those areas of the country that need it, it could be sent by the already existing Power-lines that need to be upgraded anyway. For those fighting this good fight I have a few suggestions. Try to get all the land -owners directly affected together and in unison saying no at any price. There is strength in numbers. Avoid cynicism. Cynicism is a luxury we cannot afford. Combat the path propaganda on the air waves. Create your own commercials both for television and radio. Ask for equal time as their commercials could be considered political. Television is how you get the attention of the everyman who in many cases has no idea what is going on or worse yet is misinformed into thinking this may be something good in the way of jobs or income for West Virginia. Compile lists of all elected officials up to and including the President, try to get a yes or no from them and if need be vote them out. Those that go along to get along are gone.
Thank you,
John Merrill

Links and Updates:

WV Citizens against path is a statewide group. Their site has the latest PATH news.
Tucker County citizens confront the Governor in the news story:Tucker County to Gov. Manchin: Stop the Path
A story from West Virginia Highlands called PATH: An Even bigger TrAIL of Destruction
The Power Line has many good articles about the PATH with frequent updates.
Stop PATH is the Morgan County group that has scored some successes through public action.
No to PATH is a site with info about the effort in Virginia.
Sugarloaf Conservancy has this site up.
Citizens Against Kemptown Electrical Substation
I Love Mountains
West Virginia Highlands Conservancy
Appalachian Voices
Coal River Mountain Watch

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